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Make Marketing And Patient Education Automated, Simple, Team-Driven, and Predictable For 50,000 Non-Confrontational, Introverted, Non-Tech Savvy Small Businesses So That TOGETHER, We Can Get 1 Million People to Use Your Products by 2030. We Did Not Become The Official Marketing Platform And Patient Education System For Small Businesses By Accident

  • 100% Team-Driven And Automated To Save Time, Guarantee Consistency, And Grow Your Business

  • Improve Sales, Retention And The Experience Of The Customer

  • Every Feature You Need To Marketing And Educate

  • A Library Filled With Data-Driven Content Approved And Vetted By Experts In Your Industry

  • Make Marketing and Patient Education FUN!

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“I am just so impressed with Company System and beyond excited about this partnership. Company System is going to make such a difference in the world and I can’t wait for 1,000’s of small busnesses to benefit.”


Sarah Emerson

Small Business, LLC


“Since using Company System, the entire team is getting more engagement and selling more product. We’ve seen a 226% increase in product sales to last year!”

Sam Pepper

Franchise Owner


“My teammates are really loving it. The New Patient Onboarding campaign is streamlining important processes in our practice. We include a link to some paperwork that is delivered via email so that our customers are able to come to the office prepared. Plus, the educational videos are wonderful because they lay a foundation for what our company stands for.”

District Office President


“We've been educating our customers all year through Customer Education Masterclasses. We decided to educate patients on specific thing to grow our related department.  We deployed 2 campaigns, educational email series, on that topic and a followup with a product campaign. In 6 weeks, we had many products purchase by customers! Most of which were purchased within 3 weeks with these campaigns!”


Ricky Steelson

Small Business 2, LLC

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